A Bright Solution for Nova Scotians That Go Solar

In the world of renewable energy, a few concepts shine brighter than others. Today, we shine a spotlight on one of those sparkling stars: net metering. As Nova Scotia embraces the promise of a renewable future, net metering has emerged as an exciting and rewarding opportunity for homeowners.

At NS Goes Solar, we are excited about the possibilities that net metering offers and are thrilled to bring this innovative approach to our customers.

The Power of Net Metering

Net metering is not just a concept; it’s a revolution in how we approach energy consumption and production. Simply put, net metering allows homeowners to generate their own electricity and feed any surplus energy back into the grid. This exchange results in energy credits, which can be applied against their power bills.

In Nova Scotia, the recent developments surrounding the enhanced net metering program have made this process even more beneficial. Homeowners can now receive the full retail rate for their excess energy, making solar power generation not just sustainable but economically advantageous.

Let’s break down why net metering is a game-changer.

Turning Sunlight into Savings

Let’s say you’ve installed a solar system from NS Goes Solar on your home. During a sunny day, your solar panels are absorbing sunlight, converting it into electricity to power your home. But what happens when they generate more power than you can consume? That’s where net metering shines.

With net metering, your excess energy doesn’t go to waste; it feeds back into the grid. Nova Scotia Power will credit you for this power at the full retail rate. The next time you receive your power bill, those credits will be deducted from your total, reducing your energy costs.

An Investment that Pays Off

By adopting solar energy, you’re not just investing in a cleaner future; you’re also making a financial investment that pays off. The average solar system installation costs between $25,000 and $30,000, financed at 0% over ten years through the Greener Homes loan, and comes with a $5,000 grant. But with the savings from net metering, this system starts paying for itself from day one.

To put it in perspective, if you’re currently paying $200 per month on your power bill, that’s $2,400 per year. Factor in the 6.9% increase from Nova Scotia Power for 2023 and again for 2024, and your annual costs shoot up. However, with net metering, your solar panels could generate enough energy to cover your consumption. From day one, you could be paying the same or less than your current power bill.

NS Goes Solar: Your Partner in the Solar Revolution

Switching to solar power is more than just a shift in energy sources. It’s a commitment to sustainability, a stand against rising power costs, and a smart financial decision. At NS Goes Solar, we’re here to help you navigate the solar landscape and make the most of innovations like net metering.

With a 25-year warranty on our solar panels and a dedicated team to guide you through the process, we’re committed to making your solar journey a sensational one.

Net metering is the future, and with NS Goes Solar, you can be part of it. Let’s harness the power of the sun and transform the way you power your home.

Are you ready to embrace the solar revolution? Contact NS Goes Solar today, and let’s brighten your future together. Because with NS Goes Solar and net metering, every ray of sunshine counts!

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