Our Hardware

Top-quality solar equipment engineered for optimal performance and durability

The Panels

We are proud to offer the DeepBlue 3.0 solar modules, a cutting-edge solution in solar technology. Designed by JA Solar, these modules are a testament to our commitment to providing sustainable, high-quality energy solutions.

By choosing the Deep Blue 3.0 modules for your solar needs, you are not just investing in a product; you are investing in a sustainable future. These modules symbolize our dedication to providing energy solutions that are both eco-friendly and economically viable.

The Deep Blue 3.0 modules are not just robust; they are smartly designed to deliver optimal performance. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a cloudy winter morning, these modules efficiently convert sunlight into electricity. Their detailed electrical and mechanical data under standard test conditions (STC) and nominal module operating temperature (NMOT) ensure consistent performance.

Key Features of Deep Blue 3.0 Modules

High Power Output

405 watts; these modules ensure maximum energy generation, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Long-Term Reliability

Backed by a 12-year product warranty on materials and workmanship, modules promise durability and long-lasting performance, backed by a 25-year linear power output warranty

Advanced Degradation Protection

Featuring comprehensive LID/LeTID mitigation technology, these modules exhibit up to 50% lower degradation, ensuring peak performance over time

Global Standards Compliance

The modules meet several international standards, including ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management, and ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health and safety, showcasing our commitment to quality and safety.

Robust Design

The Deep Blue 3.0 modules are engineered to withstand heavy snow and wind loads and are built to endure challenging weather conditions.

The Inverters

we prioritize reliability, efficiency, and advanced technology in all our solar installations, which is why we choose Solis inverters. Solis inverters are renowned for their robust performance, longevity, and compatibility with a wide range of solar systems. Their proven track record and high customer satisfaction ratings align perfectly with our commitment to providing our clients with top-quality, dependable solar solutions. Using Solis inverters ensures that our customers receive the best possible performance and value from their solar energy systems.

Solis inverters leverage state-of-the-art technology to convert solar energy into usable electricity efficiently and reliably. These inverters are equipped with advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms, optimizing solar panels’ energy output even under varying environmental conditions. Additionally, Solis inverters are designed with a user-friendly interface and real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing homeowners to track their energy production and system performance easily. Their compact design, combined with high efficiency and excellent thermal management, ensures that Solis inverters operate smoothly and reliably for many years, making them a smart investment for any solar power system.

Key Features of Solis Inverters

These key features collectively make Solis inverters a top choice for efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solar power systems.

High Efficiency

Solis inverters boast impressive efficiency ratings, ensuring maximum energy conversion and minimal losses.

Advanced MPPT Technology

The inverters use sophisticated MPPT algorithms to maximize energy harvest from solar panels, adapting to changing sunlight conditions.

Robust Performance

Designed for durability, Solis inverters offer reliable performance even in challenging environments, with excellent thermal management systems.

Proven Track Record

Solis inverters have a strong reputation for quality and performance and are trusted by solar professionals and homeowners worldwide.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use interfaces and real-time monitoring capabilities make it simple for users to track and manage their solar energy production.

Compact Design

Solis inverters’ sleek and compact design allows for flexible installation options and fits seamlessly into various system configurations.

Safety Features

Solis inverters have comprehensive safety features, including ground fault protection and anti-islanding capabilities, to ensure safe and stable operation.

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