Frequently Asked Questions

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Nothing, you’re making money throughout this process. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. The day you get installed, your home value will increase more than the cost of the system and be 20% easier to sell. On top of that, the cost over ten years is less than you would have paid to NSP. After it’s paid off, you have 15 years with no power bill still covered under warranty.

You will be using the grid like a battery, charging it up on sunny days (which gives you credits) and using it on darker, colder days (using credits). You pull any extra power you need (if your solar doesn’t cover 100% of your usage) from the grid.

There are no moving parts on solar panels meaning almost no maintenance. Unless something stops working (under the production warranty), the only thing you may want to do is have your panels cleaned if they are dirty and repair micro scratches caused by dust in a few years.

The life span of our panels is 30 years or more, with more than 85% efficiency left at the end of its life, meaning the only time you will have to change them is if they break from something hitting them or there is a new technology 25 or more years from now that you want to replace them with.

No, our systems are grid-tied, meaning any extra energy goes onto the grid as a credit on your bill. In the spring and summer, you will overproduce and receive credits on your power bill. In the winter and at night, you will pull power from the grid and use the credits you gained in the spring and summer.

No. Do not remove snow. It will melt off quickly on its own (watch out for snow slides). Removing snow by hand will cause damage via micro scratches.

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