[WOLFVILLE, Nova Scotia] – Nova Scotians Going Solar, a leading solar energy provider headquartered in Wolfville, is excited to announce a sunnier way for customers to handle payments. After extensive testing, we have chosen Square as our primary payment processor. This move ensures a more convenient, secure, and efficient transaction experience, both online and at your doorstep.

Our decision came after comparing Square with other payment processors like Stripe. While Stripe shines in online transactions, Square offers a more robust offline presence. Its compact, mobile card readers are perfect for on-the-go payments, aligning seamlessly with our door-to-door service model.

This isn’t just a small step for Nova Scotians Going Solar; it’s a giant leap in customer convenience. Clients can now opt for debit or credit payments right at their doorstep through Square’s secure mobile readers. This flexibility also extends to multiple payments, which can be invoiced later as per an agreed schedule.

We understand the diversity in payment preferences. E-transfers remain a staple option, and for those who prefer traditional methods, we’re introducing the acceptance of cashier’s checks. However, to ensure the safety of our team, we will not be accepting cash payments. We believe in putting the security of our staff and clients first.

We are confident this new solar-powered partnership with Square will expedite our administrative processes, brighten our customer service experience, and energize our sales efforts. Nova Scotians Going Solar is committed to bringing you not just solar solutions but also a seamless customer journey, from consultation to payment.

Join us in embracing this new dawn of solar service excellence.

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