Hello Solar enthusiasts!

We’re bursting with excitement to share some electrifying news from Nova Scotians Going Solar. Understanding the strength of the community and our fellow Nova Scotians’ trust in recommendations, we’re rolling out a brand-new referral program just for you.

Here’s the sunny breakdown:

  1. Recommend and Refer: Know someone considering the solar switch? Point them our way.
  2. Successful Installation: Once they’re basking in the glow of their new solar setup and meet the contracted terms…
  3. Earn $500: …we’ll brighten your day with a cool $500 referral fee. It’s our way of saying thanks!

It really is that straightforward! Our goal goes beyond merely expanding the Nova Scotians Going Solar community. We’re dedicated to giving back to those who have backed us. This province is ripe for solar energy growth, and with your help, we can tap into that potential.

Let’s light up more homes together, reduce carbon footprints, and ensure our beautiful Nova Scotia stays green and gleaming.

Ready to make a difference? Share the news, bask in the benefits, and let’s ensure every home in Nova Scotia shines a little brighter. If you need more info or have queries about our referral program, we’re just a call or message away.

Together, we can make every sunrise count!

Warm Regards, Nova Scotians Going Solar Team

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