The Power of Net Metering

Discover the power of net metering with NS Goes Solar—a game-changer in Nova Scotia’s renewable energy landscape. Harness solar energy to generate electricity, reduce your bills, and earn credits by feeding excess power back into the grid. Join us in embracing a sustainable future while making a smart financial investment. Let NS Goes Solar guide you through the solar revolution and transform the way you power your home.

Harnessing the Sun: An Exploration of Solar Power

Solar power, derived from the sun, has evolved from ancient uses to today’s scalable technologies powering homes, businesses, and cities. Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity through semiconductor cells, while Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) uses mirrors or lenses to concentrate sunlight for energy generation. Solar power offers advantages such as renewable energy, reduced electricity bills, low maintenance, and sustainability with no harmful emissions. Challenges include intermittency and initial costs, mitigated by advancing technology, falling prices, and incentives. Despite challenges, solar power’s benefits make it a promising solution in the global shift towards sustainable energy.