AIKO’s Revolutionary Leap in Solar Technology: The Next-Generation High-Efficiency N-type ABC Solar Modules

In a groundbreaking development in the renewable energy sector, AIKO has launched its next-generation high-efficiency N-type ABC solar modules. These modules, part of the ‘Neostar’, ‘Comet’, and ‘Stellar’ series, represent a significant leap forward in solar technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and performance across residential, commercial & industrial (C&I), and utility-scale applications. With innovative features like partial shading optimization and high temperature restriction, AIKO’s Gen 2 modules are designed to maximize energy production even under challenging conditions, setting new benchmarks for power output and sustainability. This launch not only underscores AIKO’s commitment to innovation but also its dedication to pushing the boundaries of solar energy, paving the way towards a carbon-free era. Discover the future of solar technology with AIKO’s latest offerings, engineered to exceed expectations and transform energy generation.

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